Noclayer is a tool designed to manage devices and equipment in a data center. The main goal is to provide information about each device in the rack. Therefore, we concentrated on the concept of developing and upgrading capabilities that each device has. An intuitive web interface provides a visual view of the cabinets, as well as drag & drop layout devices.

Racks are positioned in virtual Rooms that are placed on separate, numbered Floors of a Building. Customers will be able to have a clear overview of these Rooms and Racks containing different devices. Foremost, customers will be able to add more Rooms and Racks to their respectable Buildings. The number and positions of devices in a Rack are not fixed and permanent. By using the drag & drop method it is possible to add and move the devices. Simply by clicking on a device in question customers will be given access to all the necessary information about that device. Furthermore, every device can be personally designed and adapted if required. The device templates can be created according to individual preferences.

In order to facilitate further use, there is an extra benefit added – the possibility of exporting documentation in a PDF format. The power distribution and network options can be set according to the desired appliance of the device created (Router and Switch devices, VLAN option award for individual ports). Finally, VPS offers mapped overview of the entire device as well as the work done on it.

System Requirements

Most current web servers with PHP and MySQL installed will be capable of running Noclayer.

However, the specific system requirements are:

- PHP Version 5.3 or later
- MySQL Version 5.x or later (Strict Mode Disabled)
- GD2 Image Library
- Ioncube Loaders